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Achieve Your Goals

Our Challenges

With foreign direct investment in Africa at an all time low plus the high cost of capital in local markets, slow economic growth, massive outflows of foreign capital from our borders, tough global trading conditions, difficult regulations and red tape….......

Growing or expanding private companies in Africa including South Africa is a massive task. But if we’re serious about meeting our most urgent requirements by growing our base of job-creating private companies, something needs to be done. All countries in Africa are in desperate need for job creation, we need to delve deep in order to understand the critical constraints needed to unlock this kind of growth.

Africa’s economies are laden with opportunities, but also fraught with challenges, which can be daunting for even the most experienced of investors.

Our Solutions

To reduce the risk to Investors, Bluestone has developed unique products, namely;

  • Loan Capital Risk Protection - Bluestone arranged with innovative service providers to underwrite Investors Loan Capital with A+ rated bank instruments.
  • Leverage assets Bond Structure - Leverage your assets in to a offshore bond as collateral for loans/investments
  • OPEX Protection Investment (Capital Protection) with top institution that returns 13% pa pre-tax, paid monthly for 5 year term. This type of investment protects the essential cashflow which is critical for any new or current business.

These types of innovative products reduces the investor/funder risk profile.