About Us

A focussed, consulting, services and project development company. Established in early 2009's, delivering "best practice" consulting solutions, based on international frameworks and standards, we offer our clients the full package. From initial training, to enhanced consulting and finally the automation of the processes via industry standard software packages including the innovative funding solutions.
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Colin Cloete

Director based in Cape Town

Managing partner of Bluestone Service Group (www.bluestoneservicegroup.com) best practice consulting, specialised funding and large project development company.

  • Director in Waste2Energy Global (www.waste2energyglobal.com) a renewable and waste to energy project development company.
  • Director/Co-owner of Mall INVEST Mauritius

Previously, Managing Director of Quintica Middle East from 2005 – 2011 and was based in the Middle East for 9 years with specific responsibility for the increasingly important domain of implement good governance using international standards and frameworks in high profile customers throughout the Middle East. A few of the major customers were TATWEER (Dubai) previous holding company for Dubailand http://www.tatweer.ae (www.dubailand.ae), TDIC (Abu Dhabi www.tdic.ae) whose focus were tourism, hospitality and property development and Abu Dhabi Motorsports Management (www.yasmarinacircuit.com). His role in defining how Service Management (ISO20000), Quality Management (EFQM) and APQC Business Process Framework interrelate and compliment each other has shown major interest in all camps.

After years with Anglo America, IBM and Rank Xerox in South Africa, Colin created the Service Management Service Group in early 2000’s in South Africa and Dubai, UAE and transitioning it into QUINTICA Middle East in 2005 and during his tenure with QUINTICA’s, he was instrumental in setting and expanding Quintica Group with entities in UK, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana & UAE (Group HQ) as an operational Group Director.
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Leo van Gastel

Director based in Netherlands

Trustee of MALLCAT TRUST; Chairman owner of Mall INVEST SA; As qualified electronics and electrical engineer, he progressed his career through international and executive positions in telecom and ITC for global corporates as Philips and Siemens. As CEO, he commissioned change management in leading companies; prior to initiating and founding Aeolus as renewable energy group in 2004 . Renewal Energy projects were initiated and developed in a large number of Countries.

  • Director in Waste2Energy Global (www.waste2energyglobal.com) a renewable and waste to energy project development company.
  • Director/co-owner of Mall INVEST SA.

Mall Invest SA was initiated in 2015 as the finance and investment vehicle for IMEON and Bluestone as the project holdings. Focus is on Finance for Project Investments; and innovative energy generation and storage.

Willie Basson

Director based in Gauteng